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We are stockists of most major brands, having the ability to get tyres from any manufacturer a customer could possibly want. Our branches stock all the reputable, big name brands but we also cater to a spectrum of budgets by offering mid-range and budget brand tyres too.

Regardless of whether you drive a car, van, 4×4 or something else, our local tyre fitters will help you find something suitable. If you have a particular tyre brand in mind do let us know, as we should be able to source them for you. Chat to a member of the team today for more information on the individual performance of branded car tyres.

If you decide to invest in some premium car tyres you can feel confident knowing you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You undoubtedly receive the best value for money in return when purchasing premium tyres as they will offer you durability, improved traction, reduced noise, better grip and an overall smoother ride.

Premium car tyre manufacturers have tried and tested their tyres through research and careful development to offer you the best possible driving performance – which is exactly how all the big tyre brands got their trustworthy reputation.

Benefit from a better fuel economy and a reduction in stopping distances. Better performance comes hand in hand with an increased price tag – however you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to tyres, making premium car tyres worth every penny.

Examples of premium tyre brands include:

  • Bridgestone tyres
  • Continental tyres
  • Dunlop tyres
  • Goodyear tyres
  • Michelin tyres
  • Pirelli tyres

Mid-range tyres are the perfect solution for someone who wants a quality, EU tested car tyre that offers great driving performance at a more reasonable price. They offer the optimum balance between your safety on the roads and your bank balance remaining in the green, with many mid-range brands being our local tyre fitters first port of call when making a recommendation to a customer.

Many of the reputable, premium brand tyre manufacturers have subsidiaries that produce mid-range tyres. For example, Firestone tyres are a subsidiary of Bridgestone; the largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. Equally, BFGoodrich and Kleber are a couple of Michelin’s mid-range brands. That way, the mid-range brands are still supported by the sterling reputation governed by their parent brand and still offer you the performance you need on the roads.

Examples of mid-range tyre brands include:

  • Avon tyres
  • Barum tyres
  • BFGoodrich tyres
  • Cooper tyres
  • Evergreen tyres
  • Falken tyres
  • Firestone tyres
  • Jinyu tyres
  • Kleber tyres
  • Kumho tyres
  • Maxxis tyres
  • Toyo tyres
  • Uniroyal tyres
  • Yokohama tyres

If you’re running a bit short on cash but still want a tyre that will perform on the roads, budget tyres are a cost-effective choice. Budget tyres can still guarantee your safety when driving, all while matching a reasonable price.

Like other branded tyres, budget tyres are still tested on performance, offering your vehicle good grip on the roads and improved steering responsiveness. Budget tyres are proven to perform well on dry and wet roads, being able to handle a variety of weather conditions.

Some big brand premium names do actually produce budget range products also, Debicia and Sava tyres are budget price tyres from Goodyear. Dayton tyres is a budget tyre brand who is a member of the Bridgestone group.

If you want a cheap alternative to the higher priced brands, a set of budget brand tyres may be exactly what you need – good performance doesn’t always have to come with a larger price tag!

Examples of budget tyre brands include:

  • Accelera tyres
  • Debicia tyres
  • Dayton tyres
  • Fortuna tyres
  • Goodride tyres
  • GT Radial tyres
  • Linglong tyres
  • Minerva tyres
  • Rovelo
  • Sava
  • Wanli
  • Westlake

We offer an exclusivity to a select few brands that come with lifetime guarantees. The brands included in this policy are:

  • Jinyu
  • Evergreen
  • Maxxis

When you buy these brand tyres from us, if you get a puncture then simply bring it back to our garage and we will repair it free of charge. If the puncture is beyond repair, we will replace the tyres for you and you only pay for the percentage of rubber used off the new tyre, respective of the puncture size.

If you have purchased any of these tyres from a different tyre centre and not from us and it receives a puncture, we will still honour that lifetime guarantee and either repair or replace the tyres for you.

We chose these brands because they offer good mileage, promote safety on the roads by offering good grip and reduced braking distances and generally offer a premium performance for an affordable price.

Contact us today and we can explain the features and benefits of these brands with you. Also do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions about our lifetime guarantee.