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Agricultural Tyres

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Agricultural Tyres in Cumbria

Offering our customers the best choice of agricultural tyres in Cumbria.

The role of the farming and agricultural community in Cumbria is hugely important and has been for decades. It is a core part of the economy and has shaped our landscape to be what it is today. Being based in the heart of Cumbria, we really couldn’t open a tyre fitting business without catering to the agricultural community, as we fully understand how vital the farming trade is to many of our customers and locals.

This is why our expert team are here to help with the maintenance and running of your agricultural tyres in Cumbria. We are the largest independent stockist of Ceat agricultural tyres in the North of England which come with the reassurance of a 7-year manufacturers warranty. From Ceat to Kleber and Mitas tyres, we have a vast stock of agricultural tyres to suit everyone across a wide range of farm vehicles. We have built a solid reputation within the Cumbrian agricultural community.

Bias and Radial Farm Tyres

The agricultural tyre trade continues to evolve worldwide and advancements are continually being made to improve the performance of farm tyres. The two main types of agricultural tyres used within the industry are bias tyres and radial tyres – the key difference between the two being their construction, in terms of the plies and the rubber used to manufacture them.

Bias tyres

Bias tyres are manufactured from multiple natural rubber plies that diagonally overlap each other to create a single, thick tyre. As a result, these agricultural tyres are strong and durable, making them ideal for travelling across uneven or unsteady terrain such as hillsides or muddy fields. They also offer high load capacities.

Due to their composition, the sidewall and tread of bias farm tyres mean they are interdependent, working in conjunction with one another. Bias tyres are generally the cheaper of the two, however, if you hit a bump, it can affect the manoeuvrability of the whole vehicle. Bias tyres are the original agricultural tyre and still remain popular among farmers in Cumbria today.

Radial tyres

Radial tyres, on the other hand, were originally created by Michelin in 1946, offering the farming trade an alternative kind of tyre. These types of tyres are constructed in two parts to allow for the sidewall and tread to work independently of one another. The rubber used to form radial tyres is generally synthetic.

Radial tyres use a symmetrical radial pattern for the base plies which results in improved handling, better performance and a reduction in tyre wear. This also allows for more power to be transferred to the ground. The way the tyre is manufactured also allows for better heat dissipation, reducing the chance of a blowout. They will offer you a more comfortable ride but come at a higher cost. However, the durability of radial tyres is much better, making your money go further.

Benefits of Radial tyres:

  • Smoother and quieter ride
  • Less wheel slip
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Softer footprint
  • Can run on lower pressure
  • Lower risk of punctures
  • Improved fuel economy

GT’s Agricultural Tyres in Cumbria

Appropriate, high-quality tyres are paramount to the running of your tractors, trailers and quad bikes – and we want to make sure they stay in tip-top condition. That is why our local tyre technicians are highly knowledgeable in the field of agricultural tyres, making them fully capable of offering you top-quality advice.

Our local tyre fitters have been specially trained to know exactly how to appropriately fit agricultural tyres in Cumbria. We stock a range of farming vehicle tyres for tractors, combine harvesters, balers, ploughs and more. Our agricultural tyres are sturdy and are specifically designed to cope with farming terrains.

Our 24-hour emergency response service is extended to the agricultural community so we can get you back out on the fields promptly and safely.

At GT Tyres, our agricultural tyre stock includes:

  • Tractor tyres
  • Quad bike tyres
  • Combine harvester tyres
  • Forklift tyres
  • Earthmover / Excavator tyres
  • Sprayer tyres
  • Spreader tyres
  • Bale wagon tyres
  • Etc.

We choose only well-respected manufacturers for our agricultural tyre stock and supply tyres for every piece of agricultural equipment imaginable. We can assist in the selection and fitting of both front and rear agricultural tyres of different sizes and offer pressure advice. Contact a member of the team today.